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GOLD FUND LLC is a precious metals & commodities company specializing in all kinds of Bullion trading. We practice our activity under commercial license No. 778632, issued by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai.

• What precious metals I can trade with GOLD FUND LLC?

Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

• What’s the trading Platform?

A trading system that allows the registered customers to trade in all precious metals 24/5 on the international spot market rates.

• How can I login my account?

Upon opening your bullion account successfully, our Back-Office Department will provide you with all the required access details including the user name and the password.

• How can I open a Trading Account?

Download the account opening forms, sign them, and send them back to docs@goldfund.ae along with your passport copy and a proof of your physical address or you can easily contact us on +971 4 368 4341.

• What are the types of accounts?

- Individual A/C.
A trading account through which the customer can invest and purchase precious metals from the company. The customer shall be required to deposit the full price of his commodity (purchases).

- Corporate A/C.
A trading account for companies and institutes where they can invest and purchase precious metals from the company. They shall be required to deposit the full price of his commodity (purchases).

- Special A/C.
A trading account through which the customer can fix a precious metal’s price via GOLD FUND LLC trading platforms by depositing a specific percentage, pre-agreed upon by both parties, of the transaction’s total value. The customer shall complete the remaining balance before applying to obtain the precious metals physically within a specific timeframe, pre-agreed by both parties, with the possibility of extending this timeframe by the company as it deems fit. A financial penalty shall be applied in a reasonable manner by the company if the customer fails to cover the remaining balance within the specific timeframe agreed upon by both parties.

- IB A/C.
Introducing Broker Account where anyone can work as an agent for the company with special shares on each sale or transaction.

• Can I sell precious metals to GOLD FUND LLC?

Yes, you can sell your purchased precious metals online through your bullion account, or physically if the commodity was under your custody. In both cases, we are buying back on the international spot market prices.

• What’s the minimum quantity of precious metals I can buy on the trading platform?

1 Oz of each precious metal.

• What are the prices of trading?

You can trade precious metals on the international spot market rates which are available 24 hours, 5 days a week, from Monday 3:00 am UAE time and Saturday 2:00 am UAE Time.

• What’s the difference between E-shop and bullion account?

In the store,
you are buying physically without having the trading or the storing facility. Just, buy, and collect in 48 hours.

Trading Account:
you can buy, sell, hold, store, or even redeem your physical precious metals without any timing restrictions.

• What currencies GOLD FUND LLC can accept in its bank accounts?


• How can I deposit into my account?

- Cash Deposit/ wire Transfer into one of our bank accounts
- Credit card/ Debit Card through our online payment gateway
- Bullion Deposit, We can buy physical gold/silver bars on the spot market rate and the value of the bars will be reflected in your bullion account to start your trading activity.
-deposit vouchers in e-shop.

• How do I withdraw my funds back? How long does it take?

You need to fill & sign the withdrawal form, and your funds will be transferred to your registered bank account. GOLD FUND LLC will release the transfer at its working hours directly after the request, the process might take up to 4 working days depending on the banks procedures.

• How long does it take to redeem my physical bars or coins?

It will take 3-5 working days in the normal market conditions

• Is there any minimum amount to be maintained with GOLD FUND bullion account?

You don’t need to do so till you decide to start trading.

• Does GOLD FUND LLC have delivery service the precious metals?

Yes, through our security partners (Brinks or Trans guard).

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